the ultimate guide to surviving your quarter life crisis

The Ultimate Guide to Surviving Your Quarter Life Crisis

So you’re in the throes of your quarter (or one-third) life crisis? Maybe this is your first time: Congratulations! Maybe this is your third time: Congratulations! Yes, you feel overwhelmed, confused, and frustrated. You just want a way out; you think a new job, a new city, or even a new degree is exactly the solution you need.

It’s not. And that’s where the freedom is.

If you’re really ready to survive your quarter life crisis, not through quick fixes, but really doing the W.O.R.K. then you’re in the right place.

Follow the steps below and you will be straight on your way to not just surviving, but THRIVING, through your quarter life crisis.

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Step 1: Read the Guide Parts 1-3

I essentially took everything I wish I had known when I went through my quarter life crisis(es) and put them in this three part guide.

Here’s what you will learn in each part:

  • Part 1: What nearly everyone has wrong about the quarter life crisis.  And why traditional means to resolving it don’t work.

  • Part 2: What you need to STOP doing ASAP and START doing instead to feel the calm, focus, and clarity you so desperately want

  • Part 3: How to take the VERY NEXT step towards answering your quarter life calling

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Step 2: Join The Soulful Search Waitlist

If you thought the guide was useful, then you’re going to love The Soulful Search.

The Soulful Search is a 4 week online course aimed at helping you go beyond surviving your quarter life crisis, and move onto thriving in your life.

Join other soul-seekers as you learn how to create a life full of meaning, purpose, and fulfillment.

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Hi Friend, I’m Danielle

A few years ago, I was struggling (s.t.r.u.g.g.l.i.n.g) through my quarter life crisis. I tried resolving it with traditional career advice: get a new career vision, get a new job, rinse and repeat.

But that route kept me feeling the same dissatisfaction, just in new ways.

Until, I discovered a totally new way to approach my career and my life. A way that allowed me to experience the joy and fulfillment I so desperately wanted.

And now I’m sharing what I’ve learned with you.

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