The New Entrepreneur's Society


the soul-centered approach to success in business


Do you believe you can run your business without the constant stress? The comparison?

The never-ending hustle?

Do you want to create success real success for yourself that aligns with your true purpose, not go against it?

Then, The New Entrepreneur’s Society is the place for you.


By the End of the 3 Month program, Every New Entrepreneur Will…


Reconnect with Her Purpose So She Master Success in Her Business


Get Out of Her Own Way So She Can Market, Sell, and Serve Confidently


Take Consistent and Effective Action to Achieve Her Wildest Business Goals


Hi Friend, I’m Danielle

I’m here to help you start your business and show up in your life exactly how you’ve always yearned to.

But not in the way you think.

Yes, you’ll get my 5+ years of expertise in program development, project management, and my incredible knack for initiating projects, no matter how ambitious.

But that’s no what’s going to help you most.

The business is not what’s really standing in the way of you and your business dreams.

What’s really stopping you is the inner work, the soul work.


You and I both know it is impossible for you to create the kind of business and life you want if you keep doing what you’re doing now…

  • Working on your business plan in between commercial breaks of the Real Housewives

  • Reading 3,000 blog posts on “How to Start a Business” and implementing none of what you’ve read

    What has to change is you. Radically. From the inside out.

    So you can show up consistently, confidently, and fiercely as the person you yearn to become.  


This Could Be You…

“As we get older the dreamer, idealist, big-idea person in all of us dies because outside forces tell us we aren’t good enough, prepared enough or downright not able to actualize our dreams. Strategizing with Danielle brought the fire back.”


“Danielle has been instrumental in guiding me toward a more positive and action-orientated way of thinking. I began the journey with Danielle with a vague goal in mind, and with her insight and inquisitive nature, this goal has blossomed into so much more. I appreciate Danielle’s genuine interest in all her clients and the intent that she sets for helping to clear away the weeds to discover a more fulfilling way of thinking. ”



Here’s How You Join

1) Submit Your Application

Share Your Wild, Crazy Dream and Why You Should Be a Part of The Program

2) Show Up, In Every Way

If selected, you’ll join your fellow New Entrepreneur’s in Houston, TX starting in June 2019 every 2 weeks, for 3 months

3) Launch, Baby, Launch

Launch your business on the strongest footing possible, with the support and encouragement of your fellow Wild, Crazy, Dreamers


If you’ve gotten to this part of the page, you’re seriously interested in joining The New Entrepreneur’s Society.

But you’re still unsure.

Here is that question again:

Could you really experience the transformation that this program is promising?

Of course you can. But you know that already.

What you really want to know is…

Will you experience the transformation that this program is promising?

I know you can. But ultimately, this decision, your business, and your life, is entirely up to you.