The Career Reboot




Your 6-Week Journey to More Fulfillment, Creativity, and Purpose in Your Career


How Did Your Career Start Feeling Like This?

- You’ve made “smart” decisions and now you’re in a good enough job, doing good enough work. And yet you want more…

- You have no idea what you want so you believe you should just stay put.

- Maybe do know what you want, but who the hell are you to go after it?


You Don’t Know How or When. But You Lost Connection with Who You Really Are.

  • You’ve Been Dreaming Of A New Career For Way Too Long Now.

  • You’re Ready To Ensure Your Work Aligns With Who You Are Right Now,

  • You Know That Before You Do Anything Else, You’ve Got To Work On You.


Reconnect With Who You Are. Create a Career You Love.


6 Impactful Audio Trainings

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Soulful Self-Discovery Exercises

Designed to help you recover a sense of pride and confidence in your true self. Let those limiting beliefs go.

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What’s My Investment?

The Career Reset Course is the self-recovery experience you need to launch a successful career change. Instead of skipping the hardwork, you’ll learn how to stop holding yourself back, dream and play bigger in your own career, and take consistent steps to creating the career you were made for. I lead you every step of the way so you can confidently re-discover who you are and express yourself through the work you get paid for.


Hey Friend, I’m Danielle

I had a first class seat on the struggle bus when it came to my career for years. From dropping out of a soul-crushing PhD program to starting my career all over again to start my own business, I know what it feels like to know your work and who you truly are are out of sync.

While a lot of career advice focuses on your personality, I focus on the real driver of your career happiness: your beliefs.

As long as what you believe is possible for your life is short of your true desires, you’ll always be unsatisfied in your career.

That means we’ve got to fix your beliefs (not you, you’re perfect) so you can get paid to share who you truly are.