The Brilliant Business Idea Masterclass

The Brilliant Business Idea Masterclass


March 30th 10am-1pm CST

The Online Masterclass for New Entrepreneurs Who Are Ready to Confidently Invest Her Time, Money, and Incredible Talents into a Winning Business Idea

By The End of The Masterclass, You Will Learn:

  • How to Choose a Target Market that You Want to Serve and Want to Pay You

  • Determine the Viability of Your Creative Business Idea so You Don’t Waste Your Time on a Shoddy Business Idea

  • Effective Strategies to Create Incredible Offers that Your Ideal Customer Cannot Resist

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Isn’t It Time You Know For Sure if Your Business Idea is Worth Your Effort?

  • Is explaining your idea to someone a 20 minute ordeal?

  • Do you waffle back and forth on whether there’s even a market for what you want to do?

  • Not sure how in the world you’ll stand out in a crowded market for what you want to do?

  • Wouldn’t you rather be running your business instead of trying to decide if you should even start?

Sound eerily familiar?

Then My Friend, the Masterclass is For You



Swap the confusion for clarity



Step-by-Step Instructions on How to Refine Your Business Idea



Spend your time building your business, not thinking about your business

Here’s How You Will Nail Your Business Idea

The Masterclass is a 3 hour, online course taught live on March 30, 10am-1pm CST

how to validate your idea for a creative business chantiluke

In this Module, You Will

  • Choose Your Target Customer and Design Your Business Around Them

  • Determine if Your Business is Solving a Real Problem, That Your Customer Cares About and That You Care About

  • Pinpoint the Exact Transformation that Your Ideal Customer Wants to Experience

By the end of Module 1, your business idea will be founded on the 3 Pillars of a Successful Business Idea: A Clear Person, A Specific Problem, and A Valued Promise

how to choose the right business to start chantiluke

In this Module, You Will

  • Understand How to Effectively Conduct Online and In-Person Market Research (fancy business term!)

  • Make Your Business Idea Even Better for Your Target Customer

  • Know How to Position Your Business to Stand Out in Your Field, No Matter How Crowded

By the end of Module 2, you will know exactly how to ask your target customer what they need so you can design irresistible offers to them


In this Module, You Will

  • Refine Your Business Idea from Messy to Brilliant

  • Choose Your Desired Market Research Tactics

  • Commit to Completing Your Market Research by April 13

By the end of Module 3, You Will Commit to Completing Your Research and Refining by April 13th for Feedback from Danielle (your instructor) So You Can Launch Your Business




Bring Your Pen, Paper, and Incredible Energy to the Live Training on March 30th 10am-1pm CST



Complete the Independent Work by April 13th to Get Extra Support to Make Your Business Idea Brilliant



Launch Your Brilliant Business Idea

You Get

  • Three Hour Live Training Covering the Fundamentals of Validating Your Business Idea

  • The Step-by-Step Workbook for You to Refine Your Business Idea from Messy to Brilliant

  • Template for Conducting Market Research Through Surveys, Interviews, and Online Research

  • BONUS: If you finish the Independent Work by April 13th, You Get Feedback on Your Idea from Danielle & The 10 Step Guide to Launching Your Business

The Masterclass Is Not For Everyone. Only Join If…

  • You are seriously interested in starting a business. Don’t spend your time and money if you’re not clear what you want your next steps to be. Take some time to clarify what you want.

  • You are unsure if your business idea is viable. If you feel confident in your idea, don’t waste your time in the Masterclass. Launch it! For real boo, go forth and prosper.

  • You are committed to putting in the work. There are so many classes to take, books to read, instructions to follow. But unless you are really ready to put in the work, then the Masterclass will not work for you.

  • You are ready to share, learn, and grow. The beauty of the Masterclass is that you will get feedback in real time, you will be surprised by what you don’t know, and be amazed by what you do know. If you can join with an open heart and mind, then this is the place to be!

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Hey Friend!

I’m Danielle, the proud creator of Chantiluke and soon to be your entrepreneurial wingwoman.

I created Chantiluke to help super smart, multi-passionate folks like yourself, STOP sitting on goldmines and launch their businesses.

Through coaching, teaching, and the podcast, I dole out the soul-centered business advice you need to grow your authentic and impactful business.

The Word on the Street about Chantiluke

“As we get older the dreamer, idealist, big-idea person in all of us dies because outside forces tell us we aren’t good enough, prepared enough or downright not able to actualize our dreams. Strategizing with Danielle brought the fire back.”


“Danielle has been instrumental in guiding me toward a more positive and action-orientated way of thinking. I began the journey with Danielle with a vague goal in mind, and with her insight and inquisitive nature, this goal has blossomed into so much more. I appreciate Danielle’s genuine interest in all her clients and the intent that she sets for helping to clear away the weeds to discover a more fulfilling way of thinking. ”


Alright, Now It’s Time to Decide

Do you want step-by-step guidance and support as you validate your business idea or do you want to spend time and money on an idea that won’t fly?

Do you want the accountability to move forward with your business instead of just thinking about it?

Do you want to take a step forward based on faith in what is possible or to take a step based on fear?

Do you want to share your best with the world through your business or do you want to keep playing life smaller than you were meant to?