Business Idea Bootcamp

Business Idea Bootcamp


The in-person bootcamp for smart, multi-passionate women who are ready to finally launch her authentic, impactful business.

Join me and your fellow soon-to-be entrepreneurs as you:

  • Get your Business Idea out of your head and into a Clear, Business Statement

  • Make a Plan for your Next 4 STEPS to launch your Dream Business

  • Lay a Strong Foundation for your Authentic, Impactful, Business

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Wouldn’t it be great if you could stop day-dreaming about your business ideas and actually build your business?

Here’s the thing friend: Inspiration and ideas are wonderful (I love them) but they are useless if they sit in your head.

So, stop wasting your ideas, your time, and your incredible gifts and launch your dream business at the Business Idea Bootcamp.

The Business Idea Bootcamp will help you finally choose a clear, profitable business idea that aligns with your passion, gifts, and dreams.


Hour 1: Introductions, Mission, Vision, and Values

Hour 2: The 3 Essential Questions for a Profitable Business Idea

Hour 3: Gratitude; Next Small Steps

Aren’t you ready to see your creative, authentic impact instead of just day-dreaming about it?

Join the Business Idea Bootcamp Today.


  1. What will I focus on during the bootcamp? We focus specifically on getting your messy, beautiful ideas out of your head and into a clear, articulate business idea.

  2. I’ve never ever started a business before. How will the B.I.B. help me? Perfect! The bootcamp is designed for soon-to-be-entrepreneurs. The very first step to starting a successful business is understanding exactly who you are serving and what specific problem you are going to solve.

  3. Will I learn how to finance my business, write a business plan, choose between an LLC vs S Corp? No, the bootcamp is aimed specifically at getting your idea out of your head and into a clear, articulate business statement. Once you have this solid foundation, you will make a plan to ensure the legal side of your business is solid.

  4. How is this different from other things I’ve seen and read? There is A LOT of business advice out there. But the business advice can be cold and forgetful of all of the non-business challenges that aspiring entrepreneurs face: confusion about how your unique talents and interests translate to a profitable, impactful business; isolation from friends and family who are not in the least interested in starting a business; imposter syndrome (a.k.a. never ever good enough to do anything you really want to do). The Business Idea Bootcamp is committed to bringing you the mindset AND business advice you need to finally get out of your head—and your own way—so you can launch your dream business.

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Hey Friend!

I’m Danielle, the proud creator of Chantiluke and soon to be your entrepreneurial cheerleader.

I created Chantiluke to help super smart, multi-passionate folks like yourself, STOP sitting on goldmines and launch their businesses.

Through coaching, teaching, and the podcast, I dole out the soul-centered business advice you need to grow your authentic and impactful business.

The Word on the Street about Chantiluke

“As we get older the dreamer, idealist, big-idea person in all of us dies because outside forces tell us we aren’t good enough, prepared enough or downright not able to actualize our dreams. Strategizing with Danielle brought the fire back.”


“Danielle has been instrumental in guiding me toward a more positive and action-orientated way of thinking. I began the journey with Danielle with a vague goal in mind, and with her insight and inquisitive nature, this goal has blossomed into so much more. I appreciate Danielle’s genuine interest in all her clients and the intent that she sets for helping to clear away the weeds to discover a more fulfilling way of thinking. ”


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