Private coaching

Let Your Career Reflect Who You Truly Are


It Might Be Time for Private Coaching If…

  • You’ve Been “Trying To Figure Out” What You Want To Do With Your Life For Months (More Like Years…)

  • You Feel Like Who You Are Has Changed...But Your Job Hasn’t

  • You’ve Been Trying To Make A Change In Your Life On Your Own But You Haven’t Seen Noteworthy Results


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The Only Thing Standing Between You And The Career You Want Are Your Beliefs. Let’s Change Them.


Hey Friend, I’m Danielle Callendar.

I had a first class seat on the struggle bus when it came to my career for years. From dropping out of a soul-crushing PhD program to starting my career all over again to start my own business, I know what it feels like to know your work and who you truly are are out of sync.

While a lot of career advice focuses on your personality, I focus on the real driver of your career happiness: your beliefs.

As long as what you believe is possible for your life is short of your true desires, you’ll always be unsatisfied in your career.

That means we’ve got to fix your beliefs (not you, you’re perfect) so you can get paid to share who you truly are.

Private Coaching Will Help You

  • Get Clear On What You Want Most For Your Career (Even When You Don’t Know)

  • Devote The Time And Effort To Making A Lasting Change In Your Career And Life

  • Finally, Learn How to Create the Kind of Career and Life that You Want


What to Expect?


1. Free 20 Minute Consultation

You will identify the problem you’re facing, how we would together, and determine if we’re a good fit.


2. 1 to 3 High Impact Sessions

We meet virtually for 90 mins. You will learn a new approach to dealing with the uncertainty, stress, and indecision that’s troubling you.


3. You Move Forward with Clarity and Confidence

You go forth and prosper. In every sense of the word.

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What’s Your Investment?

Focused Coaching: Three-90 minute Session

The Intensive

Instead of trying to DIY this thing, you’re ready to invest in a better approach to changing your beliefs and solving your career problems.

How does this work?

  1. You lay out your career issue. (Ex. My career does not fit who I am anymore.)

  2. I’ll ask you deep probing questions so you can name what you want, reveal your beliefs about having it, and your beliefs about making a change.

  3. You create new beliefs about your own life so you can create the career you want.

Investment: $700

Clarity Session: One-90 minute Session

The quick Tune-Up

You have one specific, career conundrum that you need help with ASAP. You’re more of a “show me the tools and let me fly” kind of person.

How does this work?

  1. You choose a specific issue. (Ex. Should I quit my job?)

  2. I’ll ask you deep probing questions so you can see your own situation more clearly.

  3. You’ll get to make your final decision with confidence.

Investment: $200