Episode 5: Want to Change your Life? Change your Thoughts pt. 1

I'm working on something very exciting.

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Hi Friends! Welcome to Episode 5

Today we're really getting into the heart of how we start living the lives we want.

Guess where we're beginning? Our thoughts.


In today's podcast I talk about how important it is to fix the thoughts that we're thinking BEFORE we try to change our external circumstance. 

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Do you know the quantity, much less the quality of the thoughts you're thinking?

Do you know what is driving your actions?

If not, you have to begin by recognizing the thoughts that you're having.

If you’re a newsletter subscriber, I’ve created a really handy guide that you can use to practice identifying your thoughts.

If not, get on that thing!

I'll leave you with this: Old thoughts CANNOT lead to new actions.

Danielle Callendar