Episode 21: How to Make Time for your Passion



Episode 21: How to Make Time for your Passion

Today's episode is all about creating the time in your schedule for what you truly want to do. I get it, there are responsibilities, and jobs, and loved ones, and Real Housewives...

And weeks can go by without you sitting down to write the book, record the podcast, do the thing that you love.

Well, it's time to change that.

I walk you through the same exact process I used to create a weekly schedule to work on my passion: Chantiluke!

You don't want to miss:

  • How to reset your mindset about time

  • Three new thoughts I'm adopting about time

  • The 7 step process to create a routine that allows you to work on your passion


Before I walk you through the exercise, I want to talk about the mindset and beliefs about our time first.

This should come as no surprise by now, but I truly believe strategies, hacks, tips, and tricks are for naught if you have the wrong mindset. If you do not believe you deserve to spend your time on your passion, if you do not believe you even have enough time, then it does not matter what new strategy you employ; you’re going to get back to the same place…not doing the work.

So, the first step of this exercise truly is to clean up your thoughts and adopt a new mindset around time.

I want you to seriously interrogate and divest from the thoughts that are not serving you as it relates to you and your passion.

Here are three of the limiting beliefs I worked through:

1.     I just cannot find the time to work on my business.

I’m going to lovingly throw shade at this belief because the imagery is pretty silly. You don’t find time like its buried treasure. As if you’re going to discover it or find it like some lost pair of headphones.

Instead of “finding” time, I began to adopt the belief of “I create my time.”

I create the time I spend on my priorities. The locus of control is back on me, where it belongs.

2.     XXX number of minutes is not enough, so I shouldn’t bother.

This one is deceptively convincing when you’re in the throws of a busy day. Things are just moving at such a fast pace and I look up and realize, whoa, I only have 20 minutes to work on the marketing for my business, which is not what I wanted to spend, so it’s just not enough.

Some time is better than no time.

That’s the new belief I’m adopting. That doesn’t mean I allow myself to skirt by without making the time I truly want to spend on my passion. But it does mean that when I choose to spend more time on my other priorities, I still use the time I have to work on my passion.

3.     I’ll have more time tomorrow, so I’ll just do it then. I

Isn’t tomorrow just so damn lovely?! I want to live in tomorrow right now. Because tomorrow always has 28 hours in a single day rather than 24. And I always have 300% less things I want to do tomorrow than I do today, so everything can be accomplished tomorrow. Tomorrow is GREAT!

Can you spot the fallacy here?  Ya’ll tomorrow may be less busy sometimes…but rarely. And it will definitely not look any different if you’re walking into tomorrow with the same mindset that you have today.

When I’m in the throws of a ego battle and I catch this thought come up, I love to replace it with: It will never be as easy as it is today. Or my future self will thank me for doing this today.

Simple. Tomorrow has it’s own set of demands and priorities as it always does. So reserve tomorrow for tomorrow’s activities, rather than today’s and tomorrow’s activities.

Okay, now let’s get into the exercise. You’re now going in with a clearer mind, a more aligned mind. So let’s do some new actions.

How to create a routine to work on your passion

1.)   List all of your priorities for a 2-week period.

Some things that should go on the list are:

a.     Your full-time job if you, like me, are still working full-time

b.     Your passion, because that’s the whole point of this;

c.     If you have a significant other, children, or loved ones you care for or spend time with, put them on there;

d.     All the other way you've spent your time over the past 2 weeks

2.)   Rank these priorities in order of importance and highlight your top 5

I highly encourage you to rank time with loved ones and your passion be in the top 5

3.)   Write the minimum amount of time you want to spend on your top 5 priorities

For example, 8 hours of quality time a week with my husband is the minimum time I'm willing to spend on this priority

15 hours a week on my business the minimum I'm willing to spend on this priority.

If you are working another job full-time or part-time, then block out the minimum hours you intend to work

4.)   Start blocking off that minimum amount of time on all of your calendars (paper, electronic) for your 5 priorities, in the order of those 5 priorities

When do you want to be working on your passion? Do you prefer mornings? Do you prefer evenings when everyone in your house is off to bed? Put that in your calendar before the other priorities you may have.

5.)   Review the other priorities that did not make the top 5 and insert no more than 2 in your schedule

Maybe doing your hair and nails every week is a wonderful way you care for yourself, put that back in. But do not squeeze in all of the other things that defeats the purpose of this.

6.)   Make contingency plans for the things that did not make the cut.

Create a plan for how you’ll get your groceries and your house cleaned if need be (thank you HEB delivery!). Decline the incoming invitations. Let your friends, families, etc know that no you can no longer volunteer.

7.)   The last step is critical: Protect your time and execute.

Catch yourself when you let things creep into the time you’ve protected for your passion. This time is sacred; it is not extra time for lower priorities.

You would not schedule a doctor’s appointment in the middle of a meeting you have for work because you’re unavailable. The same is true for the time you’ve set aside for your passion. Begin to operate under the belief that your time for your passion is not superfluous, it’s not cute, it’s important. It is so important you protect that time. And you execute during that time.


That's all for now. Shoot me a message on instagram @chanti_luke if you're having trouble.


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