Episode 20: Fits and Starts

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Hello Friend! Welcome to Episode 20

Oh consistency...

Since I've started my business over 6 months ago, I've had to get up close and personal with the limiting beliefs, negative thoughts, and habits that kept me inconsistent.

In this episode, you'll learn

  • How I've been learning more about the thoughts that kept me inconsistent

  • Why we give into challenges and stop moving forward

  • How to take be more consistent as we move towards our dreams


Since I started my business over 6 months ago, I’ve become more and more consistent.

This has not always been the case. While I’m proud to be someone who learns quickly and thrives on variety, consistency is still a key part of running a business. In the past, I would excel at making a plan but completely “forget” about it.

Planning is fun for me. I love taking a big goal and breaking it down into manageable steps.

But execution…oh execution gets me. I used to completely ditch the plan I spent so much time creating and decide to do something completely different.

Now, I understand that some people, like me, just do not get their energy from execution and some people do not get jazzed by strategic planning.

But that wasn’t really that cause of my inconsistency. Instead, it was extrapolating these simple preferences in work styles as confirmation of my limiting beliefs about myself as an entrepreneur and as a person with grand visions for her life.

The negative thought was: “Since I’m not disciplined enough to do everything for my business, I should not own a business.”

See how that escalated quickly?

This my friend, is a prime opportunity for a stop. And this used to be where I stopped.

Maybe you’ve experienced similar situations. You don’t enjoy research so you take that as a sign that you can’t write a historical novel. Or you missed one deadline for yourself and that’s confirmation of your suspicion that you really were too small for your dreams.

We’ve gone from experiencing a setback to stopping. What can we do about it?

Well, the three things I’ve been practicing are:

1.     Understanding the thoughts and feelings behind the inconsistency. I have 2 episodes all about interrogating our thoughts, so if you want to learn more about identifying your thoughts and feelings, check out episodes 5 and 6. But in a nutshell, whenever I catch myself feeling frenzied, nervous, or confused, I stop what I’m doing and dig into the thoughts that I’m having. I will write until I can express my thoughts in words as best as I can. And then I interrogate those thoughts. I don’t have to believe every single thought that goes through my head. But at least understanding where they come from, allows me to divest from them and move forward using my values, not my fearful thoughts.

2.     Make a plan. My favorite professor from college was in the military and he often said: “Prior planning prevents piss poor performance.” Which is a fun little reminder that having a plan is better than flying by the seat of your pants. Now, I want to say that I’m not Draconian when it comes to planning. I don’t berate myself for not meeting daily deadlines, this is not another venue in which to feed negative thoughts. What it is is a stop-gap from making too many decisions too frequently. I could spend hours deciding what to do next. In fact, I have. But instead of doing that, I’ll make a big deal about planning and follow that plan. The plan will change as I learn new information but I at least have a plan to improve. Now, remember earlier when I said making a plan wasn’t my real issue. Executing it was. So the new technique I’ve been employing to stick to my plan is my last tips.

3.     Keeping the plan everywhere I look. I would spend hours setting a goal, and mapping out my next steps towards that goal. And then I would not look at it again until I stumbled on it by chance. Yes, I know, kind of ridiculous. But sub-consciously, I think I was doing this so that I couldn’t be intimidated by the enormity of my dreams. Now, I’m forcing all of those feelings up by keeping my vision and plan highly visible. The calendar over my desk has each days items; there are little reminders in my Passion Planner. Every where. I know that seems basic. But what’s so great about doing this is that it exposes the little excuses that have kept me stuck in the past. Now I can’t say things like “Well, I don’t even know where to start so let me take time deciding …Oh, look at the time. Gotta go!”



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