Episode 19: Learning your Body's Language

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Your body, your body, your body language.

Jesse McCartney anyone?!

But for real, do you know your own body's language? On today's episode, I make a case for becoming fluent in your body language.  I believe it is one of the best ways to get in touch with our truest desires and to finally live the lives we want.

In this episode, you'll learn

  • How I've been practicing listening to my body

  • Why our bodies are worth listening to

  • Three ways to become more fluent in your body language


Your body, your body, your body language.

Jesse McCartney anyone?!

Okay but for real, the point of today's episode is to encourage you to become fluent in body language. Your body language.

Why? Because while we can rationalize ill-fitting situations, we cannot lie to our bodies.

Try talking yourself into a job. You could stay for the money, the prestige, the people, out of obligation. Whatever it is. But you cannot hide from the physical sensations of dread, the boredom, the wrongness of it all.

I believe our path, the path that is truly for us, is littered with physical sensations of joy. It is filled with opportunities to feel a flutter in our chest, an expansiveness, a widening of our lives.

It feels like you can be taken off in flight from excitement. These feelings are unmistakable, but only if you’re paying attention. And they can guide you forward if you let them.

Don’t believe me?

I encourage you to practice feeling the sensations in your body.

Here are three ways you can practice:

  1. Make a little log of what’s going on in your body throughout the day. When you notice yourself frustrated, describe the thoughts and physical feelings that go along with it. When you notice yourself feeling excited, describe the thoughts and the physical feelings.

  2. Put yourself in situations that you do not like and see what manifests in your body. And do the opposite as well.

  3. If you’re choosing between something, imagine yourself taking either option and feel which one feels more expansive in your body. Which one makes you physically feel (not think) lighter? Like there is a whole other world opening up? That’s where the joy is.

I encourage you to try this out.

Try listening to the language of your own body.

Because that language is as astute, aware, and sophisticated as your rational mind’s language.

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