Episode 18: What is Alignment and Why Should you Care?

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Hello Friends! Welcome to Episode 18

Today I'm sharing why the past 2 weeks have been some of the best in recent memory. Not because there were major life changes. But because I've changed.

In this episode, you'll learn

  • What I mean by "alignment"

  • How it's been changing my everyday

  • My initial tips on getting into and staying in alignment throughout the day


What would it look like if you felt good no matter what, or what I’m calling “Unconditional Alignment?”

Dog brings in her dirty ball, still aligned. Emails mounting, still aligned. Sun is shining, still aligned. Raining cats and dogs, still aligned.

Never receive the job offer, still aligned. Don’t meet a deadline, still aligned?

I’ve been practicing unconditional alignment, or feeling at ease and joyful, for the past two weeks. And I can say without exaggeration that I’ve had two of the best weeks in recent memory.

I did not win the lottery and began sailing around the world on a yacht.

I’ve learned that I don’t need dramatic changes in my life in order to enjoy the ease, joy, and peace that I want to experience.
I’m feeling that way now. No matter what.

The two things I’ve been doing to practice staying in alignment are:

  1. Repeating a simple affirmation, “No Resistance.” Resistance, in my mind, is the mental, emotional, and physical reality of excessively judging my experience. It’s the annoyance at the traffic, the negative thoughts I think about myself or the people around me. “No Resistance” reminds me that I can experience what I am experiencing without fighting it.

  2. Checking in with the sensations in my body. I’ll check if my thighs are clenched, is my stomach clenched, am I actually seeing what’s going on around me or am I stuck in my head. Those are some of the tell-tale signs that I’m not aligned, I’m excessively judging my experience rather than simply experiencing it.

The beauty of unconditional alignment is that we begin to realize that the conditions outside of us does not, I repeat, does not dictate what is going on inside of us. Not out of some perverse detachment. But out of a deep, intimate, simple, but difficult to practice, understanding that at every single moment of everyday we get to decide how we feel, how we experience our world. Not the other way around.


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