3 Steps to Creating a Fulfilling Career, Even When You Don’t Know Your “Career Path”

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3 Steps to Creating a Fulfilling Career, Even When You Don’t Know Your “Career Path”

Episode 62

Want to create a fulfilling career but have no idea “what” you want in your career? That’s more than okay. While you’re unsure of career path, you can still be confident that you’re going in the right direction. In today’s episode, I walk you through the three essential steps to creating a fulfilling career:

  1. Honoring your values

  2. Honoring your gifts

  3. Trusting and Acting


Today, I’m sharing a pretty, simple straightforward, and yet powerful steps to moving forward, getting unstuck when you don’t know your “career path.” These 3 steps are essential to not just getting a new job that you love. They are not the fast track to a perfect career.

The 3 steps I’m detail are much more powerful than that. Yes, they will help you move forward to do the actual job change logistics. But what’s powerful about the 3 steps are that they help you reorient your life and career towards purpose and fulfillment.

Often, we find ourselves in seasons of change, and as a consequence, seasons of uncertainty. Many of us try to jump out of the uncertainty as fast as we can by clinging to any sort of stability. It’s like the recent divorcee who gets married 3 months after finalizing their divorce because they don’t want to be alone. 

We can rush to answers because we don’t like to sit with the discomfort of questioning.

I get that tendency. And I can’t control how much discomfort you’re willing to undergo to live in truth and wholeness. But I can extend the invitation. Which is what these 3 steps are: an invitation to do the harder, but more rewarding work, of not just switching careers to something that looks nicer. But to reorient your career and life towards purpose, towards fulfillment, which is what we all truly want.

If you’re in the season of change in your career; if you’ve felt the pull to be elsewhere professionally, be it in terms of organizations, industries, or fields; if you’ve felt like the way you’re living professionally is way too far from who you truly are...then my friend, this episode is for you.

I’m sharing the 3 steps to creating career fulfillment...even when you don’t know your “career path.”

  1. Honor your values

Values are your internal compass. They are your inner wisdom distilled into a few guiding principles. Values change as you change. But no matter what, they are always inherently meaningful to you.

What your truest values are, are entirely up to you. But I have a hunch that all values, at their core, come down to love. We all want to live in love, an openness, and oneness with our experience. We don’t want to live in fear. The specifics of what love looks like in your life is different than what it looks like in your friends’ lives and vice versa. But values are rooted in love.

The secret to fulfillment, the way I see it, is to live intentionally by your truest values. If you wanted to get the best, free advice from me is it to live by your true values. And where you cannot, that’s where your work is. 

Here’s the thing friends, we are always living by a set of values. We are always creating. No matter where you are, what you’re doing, you are always creating. What values are guiding your creation is entirely up to you. They can be values of scarcity, fear, anger, jealousy, small-mindedness, victimhood, superiority, I could go on. All of those values are in the family of fear. You can also live by a set of values rooted in love. Kindness, openness, abundance. 

If you are unhappy in your career, simply changing it will not be the key to your happiness. That’s not the fix. The real solution is to reorient your thoughts, feelings, and behaviors towards your true values. Only then will you be able to go where you want to be going. It’s like when you’re riding a bike and the steering is completely off. You try to steer straight and that thing just will not go straight. But instead of fixing the steering, you get the tires replaced. Or you paint the bike. What the hell will new paint do to defective steering boo? Nothing. But that’s where the grace is. 

When you honor your values, you can steer yourself forward. Where the final destination is, continues to be unknown until it’s known. But you at least know that you are steering yourself towards the things that are actually important to you. That is the power of values.

2. Honor Your Gifts

The second step in this process, is to honor your gifts.Your gifts are your superpowers. (Check out episode 60 for more.) This is how you show up in the world when you are healthy and free. You have absolutely seen your gifts in action, even if you don’t think you have.

When you are honoring your gifts, you are honoring the way you are made. Honoring your gifts is honoring the way you approach life. This happens in your career, undoubtedly. But how can you honor your gifts professionally, when you don’t honor them personally? 

Honoring your gifts is an inside job that gets reflected on the outside by the work you do. There’s no other way to do it. So if you want a career that is fulfilling, you cannot do so without honoring your createdness. 

3. Trust and Act

Trust and act. It seems like two steps, but trusting and acting are so dependent upon one another that there’s no separating them. Trusting and acting requires faith and responsibility. 

First, lets talk about action. Any step forward, is a step forward. If you’re like me, and you would spend way too much trying to decide what the right next step is, I want you to hear my voice right now and tell you there is no right next step. I know it is hard to believe. I will tell you from too much personal experience than I’d like to say, your avoidance from taking action is not saving you. You think it is. But it is not. I like to think of trying to decide what to do as that old tale of the horse that starved because it couldn’t decide which bale of hay to eat. Yeah, don’t starve. 

Taking an action, even if it is a mistake, is the only way to get unstuck. There is no way around it. Try and exhaust yourself trying to find a different if need be. But inaction is not saving you. Perfecting is not saving you. Avoiding is not saving you. 

Action is important. But at the same time, so is trust. Trusting, not that everything will work out in accordance to your desires, not that you will love everything that happens, but trusting that no matter what is going on you are safe, trusting is the saving grace.

Now to re-cap, the three steps to moving forward to creating a fulfilling career are as follows:

  1. Honor your values: Honor your inner wisdom telling you what is truly meaningful for you. 

  2. Honor your gifts: Honor who you are. Because that’s you boo. There’s no changing it.

  3. Trust and Act: You take a step forward and trust that you are taken care of. That you are not all alone.

I hope these steps can guide you forward. And if you don’t want to go through this journey alone, I can help guide you.

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