Trusting the Universe, A Jar, and How to Ease Your Worries

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Trusting the Universe, A Jar, and How to Ease Your Worries

Episode 59

How often do you lean on trust? Today, I’m sharing the insights I’ve had the fortune of learning after relying on trust in the universe over the past 2 months. Then I share my favorite, jedi-level practice to muster some serious trust and ease your biggest worries.


Trust has been such a valuable skill, mindset, and mode of being for me in the past 2 months. Not inherently by choice. But quite simply because I did not want to feel so stressed and anxious all the time.

I felt like I had a simple choice: Continue worrying and feel bad. Or learn to trust and feel better.

I went with learning to trust.

Has it been easy? Absolutely not. It has been hard but immensely rewarding to lean on trust.

Today I want to share some insights I’ve had after learning to lean on trust. I hope that by sharing my story you’ll feel encouraged to get curious and see what trusting will do for your life. Then I share to a simply but Jedi-level technique to ease your biggest worries.

First, the insights.

I’ve learned pretty quickly that I resort to one of three behaviors when I feel worried.

  1. I start reading and researching. I often feel worried because I cannot predict a likely outcome. I feel unstable and unsafe about the future, so I start to look for signs about what the future can be by researching whatever I can about my plane.

  2. I obsessively think about my imagined permutations of what the future can be. Most of them never come true. But I feel like I can prepare myself for what is to come if I imagine what is to come. 

  3. While imagining what the future will be, I think of ways that I could possibly force and manipulate my desired outcome to happen. 

Research, obsess, force. My old way of dealing with worry.

But I’m learning to exercise a new muscle. To develop a new skill.

The skill? It’s called “Trust.”

When I have been feeling worried, I have added a step to my “worry” routine and that’s to trust.

Now, you all know I love me some etymology. I was curious and looked up the origin of the word “trust.” What I learned is that the English word trust comes from the Old Norse word “traust” which means “confidence, protection, and support.”

I love this! Because when you think of trust as a dynamic, multi-pronged approach to living, there is so much richness here.

I see trust as giving my confidence in life, in the universe’s ability to guide me. I see trust as asking for protection and expecting to receive it. I see trust as asking for support and expecting to receive it.

You see, through learning to rely on trust, two important things have happened as a consequence. 

The first change is that I have had to let go of the essential worry underlying all of my worries. I learned that my worries change depending on the specific thing I’m concerned about. But what doesn’t change is that ultimately I am worried that my needs and desires will not be met. I believe that if I do not have 100% control over meeting my needs, then my needs will not be met.

Where did this belief come from? This is learned behavior. I love my family, I love my mom. But I know that the protection and support I received as a child was unstable. I know that. And part of the way I interpreted that instability was that, I, Danielle, am alone and I will need to meet my own needs and desires because otherwise they will not consistently be met. Fine for surviving childhood. But it causes serious mental, emotional, and physical problems as an adult. 

The second thing that has changed is that by trusting, I felt better. I know that sounds basic. When I created space for trust, instead of worry, I felt more at peace in my own damn skin and head. If this were the only reward from leaning on trust, I would keep trusting every second of the day. I always believed I would feel relieved if I could solve my worry. But when I feel the feeling of being in danger and remind myself to trust that I am well, that’s when I feel relief. All worrying does is keep the panicked energy in my body. It stokes the flames into a wildfire instead of blowing out the small flame.

Yes, trusting has been a complete and utter adventure for me. It’s been a reward to feel at peace. It’s been a reward to feel like I can rely on life to protect and support me. No matter what. I want the same experience for you.

I want to share one of the very specific, Jedi-level techniques I have been relying on to ease my worries. It’s inspired by Julia Cameron, the phenomenal artist and creative teacher. 

It is called The God jar. You can call this your “Trust Jar.”

No matter what you call it, it is a magical and phenomenal practice that will help you feel at peace. 

Here’s how it works: 

  1. Get a jar with a resealable lid. It has to be resealable because you want a clear, sensory experience of opening and closing the jar. 

  2. When you notice you are worried, right your worry on a slip of paper and put the paper in the jar. 

  3. You make a promise with the universe, God, or whatever you believe in. The promise is simple, but important. You are promising to ask for help and expect help. You are promising to relinquish control over the outcome. You are promising to stop worrying about the thing you asked help for. This is an important promise because if you do not trust that you will receive help, you will keep trying to force an outcome that is not here yet.

    1. Imagine someone asking to do something for you and then they run behind you and do the very thing they asked you to do because they do not trust you? That hurts right? Well don’t do the same thing to the universe. If you’re going to put your worry in the God jar, prepare to trust that God will take care of it.

I hope you can try to trust. I know how profound it has been in my own life. And I want you to feel as connected, joyful, and fulfilled as I do.

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