3 Reasons Why a Mid-Year Check-In Can Help you Make your Career Change

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3 Reasons Why a Mid-Year Check-In will help you make your career change

Episode 54

Remember your resolutions for the new year?

How you were going to change careers or start that business?

Yeah, how’s that going?

Today, I’m sharing why a mid-year check-in is the best way to reset on your goals, get out of your career rut, and create the fulfilling career you dream of.


Half of 2019 is almost gone! Let’s just let that sink in for a moment. Remember how 6 months ago you had lots of hopes and dreams about what this year would look like? What you would get done?

You were going to start your business this year. You were going to switch jobs, switch companies. Go back to school. You were looking out at the possibilities of your career and feeling excited!

And then life happened and you got a little distracted. And that distraction turned into a routine, which turned into a habit. And now half a year is gone and there’s only more of the same. Before you start to feel like a complete failure, I want you to take a deep, cleansing breath. And join me in taking a mid-year career check-in.

While there’s nothing inherently significant about a new calendar year or even a mid-calendar year, I love to use this time as an opportunity to set the reset button.

3 Reasons Why a Mid-Year Check-In Might Be the Career Fix You Need

  1. A Mid-Year Check-In Allows You to Be Honest About Where Your Actions Have Fallen Short of Your Aspirations

    Our dreams are never ever ever turned into reality unless we are actively making them reality. So unless you put in the work, your dreams won’t come true. Simple right? Yes. The mid-year check-in lets you see exactly where your actions have been out of line with your dreams.

    Here’s a tangible example: I’ve wanted to create a career course for a hot minute now. And I just swore 2019 was going to be the year that I did it. And then...things happened. I got busy, with what exactly, I can’t really tell you. But I just know I found myself at the top of June thinking, “Danielle. Girl we said we were creating a course, and yet...where is it?!” That’s a clear place where what I’ve been doing is not in alignment with what I say that I want.

    I want you to be as honest about where your actions have fallen short. Note, I said your actions. Not you. You my friend, even though you may not really believe it, can never fall short. It is impossible. I will give you my evidence of this later, but for now take my word for it.

2. A Mid-Year Check-In Allows You To See What Thoughts And Beliefs Are Creating Your Results

You know I absolutely love using “The Model” to accomplish my goals and live a well-balanced life. And I love it because it does not lie. You’re always creating the results that you want. So if you don’t like the results, change the beliefs that caused them.

When you’re honest about how your actions brought you to a place you don’t want to be, a magical thing happens: You get to see how your very thinking create the problem. And you get to change it.

3. A Mid-Year Check-In Allows You to Flip The Script!

The old Kanye has a fantastic quote. A little mantra of sorts. It goes like this “50 told me go head, switch the style up” (“and if they hate, then let them hate and watch the money pile up.”)

You, my friend, are under no obligation to keep doing what you have been doing even if you know it is not serving you. If you’ve spent half a year wanting to change your job, but you haven’t, you get to change that. You get to lovingly and honestly say “I’m going to switch it up.” Haters be damned. And the haters are really your own internal critic and fear-monger.

You don’t have to keep defending the old beliefs that did not serve you. You may feel inclined to, that’s human. But when you allow yourself to let the past be the past, you can create whatever present you want. Take some time to see where you are and where you want to be.

I created the “Dream Life Journaling Guide” to help you do just that. It’s a fantastic guide to help to take stock, reconnect with your dreams, and move forward in making them a reality.

One final word: You are the source of your own suffering and your own liberation. If you are deeply unhappy in your job, yes, are responsible for being unhappy. And you have the power to liberate yourself.


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