Why I Have to Start Talking About Your Life's Purpose

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Why I Have to Start Talking About Your Life's Purpose

Episode 52

When it comes to living your purpose, you’re destined to make changes. Even if you don’t want to. Today I share how I’m embracing another change in my business so I can help you connect to your purpose and live a fulfilling life.


Listen to Learn:

  • Why I was really afraid no one wanted to pay me for “spiritual advice.” The truth is I did not see spiritual advice was valuable when it came from me.

  • The frustration I created for myself and my business because I was not being honest about what I really cared about

  • Why Chantiluke is focused on you connecting to your purpose so you can create a career, business, and life you love

  • The topics Chantiluke covers

    • Careers: Align your purpose with your work

    • Business: Accomplishing goals and running a business out of love, confidence, and abundance (not fear or competition)

    • Life: How to grow into the person you were destined to become

intro and outro music: danosongs.com

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