You've Got 99 Problems and They're All Made Up

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You've Got 99 Problems and They're All Made Up

Episode 50

What's better than using hip hop and pop culture to make conscious living that much more accessible?! I don't know.

Today, I'm sharing a simple but powerful perspective on the "problems" in your life.

Listen to learn

- Why all of your problems (even the ones that hurt the most) are all made up

- The power and disadvantages of creating problems for yourself

- The way to live problem free


Why making up your problems is so bad

When we make up our problems, we cause suffering in our own lives.

You know that saying: Pain is inevitable, suffering is optional. It is possible to create less suffering for yourself.

Worse, creating your own problems often means relinquishing control over your own life.

There’s nothing more debilitating than believing the cure for our suffering lies outside us.

But, there’s beauty in seeing having “problems”

The areas of your life “causing” the most stress are beautiful sign posts to what needs the most healing in your life.

In other words, want to know what to heal to feel better? Look at your “problems.”

The Way to Have No Problems

  1. Awareness: See the way your thoughts are creating suffering.

  2. Compassion; Show yourself incredible kindness for causing yourself unnecessary pain.

  3. Responsibility: Reclaim your own power over your life.

  4. Power: Use your power to create change in your life…on the spot. Commit to changing your thoughts, your emotions, and take different action.

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