Introduction to Your Intuition (Part Two)

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Introduction to Your Intuition (Part Two)

Episode 49

Today’s episode wraps up your introduction to intuition. If you haven’t listened to Part One, click here to listen.

In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • Why listening to our intuition is the path to peace

  • How to start following our intuitions guidance with surrender and trust


The difference between hearing and listening to your intuition

If you get really good at hearing your intuition, but you do not listen and heed it’s guidance, you will find yourself in deeply frustrating and unhappy experiences.

The instructions your intuition gives your is pointing us to peace. You can’t ask for guidance, not follow the guidance, and then expect peace. You’ve just be given the directions for peace right now and not listening is deciding not to choose peace.

The two keys to following your intuition’s guidance

Acting from your intuition requires surrender and trust. Those are not feel good feelings, they are ways of being.

Surrendering to your intuition’s guidance means you are relinquishing control of your life. That feels earth-shatteringly scary.

Surrendering also requires you to trust that there is net there to catch you.

Your Intuition Conspires for Your Greatest Good

Your intuition does not care about what you’re comfortable with, what you’ve seen before, what you think is doable. It only cares about your expansion.

That might mean you making seemingly irrational decisions, reckless decisions, conservative decisions, etc.

Only your intuition knows what is leading to your expansion. Not your mind. And that requires surrender and trust to let your intuition guide you to your greatest good. Even if that good is not how you pictured it.


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