Introduction to Your Intuition (Part One)

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Introduction to Your Intuition (Part One)

Episode 48

Today’s episode is a fun one!

You’re going to get an introduction to your intuition, the superpower everyone has to experience the joy, peace, and fulfillment we all want.
If you want:

  • Decide confidently whether or not you should start your own business

  • To feel at ease, peace, and fulfilled in your life

Then, you need to listen to today’s episode to learn about your intuition.


What Is “Intuition?”

Intuition is your inner guidance system that is guiding you to peace, fulfillment, and joy. Always.

It is always present-focused, always peaceful, and always loving.

Why should I care about intuition?

The more you connect with our intuition, the more you

(1) feel at peace in the present moment

(2) experience the sense of fulfillment and peace you think comes from the things we have or do in our lives (business, career, relationships, etc.)

(3) the clearer you can be on the direction you’re going

How do you access your intuition?

Simple. You ask. Your intuition is always accessible to you when you ask. Clear your mind, grab a pen and paper, and start asking your intuition for guidance.

What can your intuition help you with?

  • Your fears about starting your own business

  • Your frustration with the growth of your business

  • Every problem in your life

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