Episode 37: How to Start Owning Your Vision and Power with Kelly Hubbell-Hinton

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How to Start Owning Your Vision and Power with Kelly Hubbell-Hinton

Episode 37

Remember when I said, I’d be featuring interviews with other regular-degular folks saying “yes” to their dreams? Well my friend, here’s the first such interview and it’s a good one.

Today, I sit down with Kelly Hubbell-Hinton, creative, writer, and Indigenous Goddess.

Kelly is a woman on a mission. No lie. Kelly’s determined to use creative superpowers to redefine how money is raised and shared within the non-profit sector.

Today’s episode is perfect for you if:

  • You’ve struggled to claim your identity as a “writer”, “entrepreneur”, or “creative” (Kelly has some powerful words to help you)

  • You’re not sure how to combine your multiple passions into a cohesive business/creative endeavor

  • You need re-assurance that you, yes little oh you, can move mountains; even if it’s one stone at a time


Some Gems from Kelly to Inspire You:

  • “As I was getting better at what it took to write successful grants, the creative part was extremely lacking, and that was where my spirit was calling me to focus on specifically.”

  • “My big passion right now is combining the writing (which is the avenue that people can read) but also pull in what I know about the philanthropy sector to shake it up.”

  • “I’m noticing that [philanthropy] is a very white male space, it is a have and have-not situation. That feels like an environment I want to insert myself into. To redefine the space in general. Why are we relying on the 1% to dictate what resources we have when there is such a motivated group of people our age that are really interested in equipping this world to be better than it is now. My focus now is how are we defining where money comes from and where it goes. And bringing in more decision makers, that look like us.

  • “The Small Step’s Group (from Chantiluke) made me get to where I am now because it was support, accountability, and asking the tough questions.”

  • “I feel like as a woman in a space that is very competitive, Small Steps is a time to pump the breaks, focus on only one thing and have a network of people that are just as committed to stopping, reflecting, and developing. Small Steps provides a time to dedicate to yourself, to your goal, and the tools to think differently and expand your confidence to achieve your goal.”

  • One important lesson that’s been the hardest to learn:Sometimes you leave people in the process of developing that don’t serve the higher goal”

  • Overcoming resistance: “I feel resistance all the time and then I’m met with moments that are re-invigorating.”

  • One part of Kelly that she had to be re-introduced to: “My carefree side, that’s not so serious, and there aren’t deadlines for everything.”

  • Kelly’s words of wisdom for folks at the beginning of their creative entrepreneurial journey: “Your words have power.”

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