Episode 36: "I'd Start A Business But...I Don't Know How"

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"I'd Start A Business But...I Don't Know How"

Episode 36

Today is the final part of the mini-series "I'd Start A Business But..."

And we're ending with my favorite reason (excuse) for not starting your business: "I'd Start A Business But, I Don't Know How"

Listen so I can tell you the most transformative mindset shift that you need to finally start the business you dream about.


Today we are wrapping our mini-series called “I’d Start a Business But…” in which I drop some truth bombs on the excuses you’ve used to not start your business.

Today’s episode is my favorite excuse, or some may say reason.

It’s by far my favorite because the emotional, mental, and spiritual shift required to stop believing it is one of the most transformative ones you can adopt.


So without further adieu, let me drop some truth on you if you believe “I’d Start a Business But...I Don’t Know How”

I know intimately well how scary it is to do something you’ve never done before. I’m still learning how scary it is. My vision of my business and life is still much greater than my past experiences measure up to.

And this truth can be demoralizing. It can be incredibly daunting to dream really big dreams, have these enormous ambitions when you have no clue how to make those dreams happen.

I was demoralized by this. Until I started to see that the “how” I created a business that made a lot of money by bringing real value and impact to the things I was passionate about doesn’t exist. I was ultimately responsible for the “how” of my life and business story which means I had to create it.

When you believe that you need to know exactly how you will be able to create a business and life you love, you are stuck as the protagonist, not the author, of your life story.

Now, you might think, “Oh yes, why wouldn’t I want to be the protagonist?” Let me tell you.

While you may be the lead, you are always at the mercy of your circumstances. You are the lead part of a story, but you’re always only a part of the story.

You see, a protagonist is not the same as an author. An author is creating the story that the protagonist lives in. The author has ultimate executive rights and creative power. The author creates the world that the protagonist is a part of.

When you believe that you need an instructional guide for how to create a thriving business and thriving life, you take the comfortable but powerless position of protagonist of your life story. This instructional guide can look like past experience (I’ve never done this before). It can look like dependence on other people (let me sign up for the 20th free training on how to do this or 25th class on how to launch your biz this year). Whatever it looks like for you, if you’re depending on instructions, you say to yourself that you are incapable, you are incompetent, you are powerless, and you are not enough.

When you embody the role of author in your life, you take ultimate responsibility over everything that you do, don’t do, have, and don’t have. You take on enormous responsibility and you take on enormous creative power.

When you are the author of your life, you create the “how” for your business. You create the path between where you are and where you want to be. No, you don’t have to reinvent the wheel, yes you learn from others. No you don’t have to do this thing alone, but you know you have to do it on your own.

When you’re the protagonist, you are beholden to what is given to you. What you can see with your own two eyes, taste your with tongue, hear with your ears, that is all. That is all the story ever is, ever was, and ever can be. Which is actually okay. Please, have compassion for the protagonist. The protagonist cannot believe there is any other way to live and to create other than to receive instructions.

Remember, protagonists, are phenomenal at being in a story but they are not equipped to create a story.

The author, however, sees no other way to live, to be, or to create than to take ultimate creative control over her own story.

So my friend, if you were to say to me, “Danielle, I’d Start A Business But, I Don’t Know How” I’d ask you: are you ready to wake up from the dream that had you believing that you’re just a protagonist?

Are you ready to wake up and become the author of your own life story?

Are you ready create to take ultimate creative authority and responsibility and create the path between where you are and where you want to be? Because if you are ready, then my love, that’s where your power is.

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