Episode 35: "I'd Start A Business But...My Idea’s Been Done Before"

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"I'd Start A Business But...my idea’s been done before"

Episode 35

We’re continuing our mini-series “I’d Start A Business But…” this week by talking about un-original business ideas.

You know the feeling. You feel so excited about launching your business and then you discover it’s been done before. And someone’s doing it better than you ever think you could.

Well my friend, you shouldn’t count yourself out just yet. And by the end of today’s episode, you’ll learn why.

Listen to Learn

  • Why authenticity always beats out originality every time

  • The simple question to ask yourself to move forward with your un-original business idea

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Welcome to another episode of The Chantiluke Podcast. Today, I’m continuing the mini-series “I’d Start a Business But…”

Last week, I started this mini-series “I’d Start a Business But…” with the intention of sharing new perspectives on the common reasons we use to prevent us from starting the businesses we dream about.

If you haven’t listened to last week’s episode, go ahead and check it out. I share a radically new way to approach and heal your fear of failing in your business. I’ll leave the link in the show notes.

Today’s installment of “I’d Start A Business But…” is all about original, or not so original ideas. I’m tackling “I’d Start A Business But...My Idea Has Been Done Before.”

I have such love and affection for the idea that our business ideas need to be original to be good enough to run with. That they need to be radically novel to be valuable.

You know that feeling when you realize you have a persistent problem and you’re like “You know what someone should create xyz to solve this problem” and then you go and stumble on a business that does exactly what you thought to do and you’re like oh well, guess I can’t start a business now.

No! Let’s stop doing that. By the end of today’s episode I want you to move forward with your business idea even if someone has done it before. I want you to see and understand one simple thing: authenticity and impact beats originality 100% of the time.

Here’s why.'

Entrepreneurship is like any creative endeavor. Writing, painting, dancing, acting, business making, they are all tapping on the innate human desire to create things that have not existed before.

In business, you’re not simply creating the products and services that are sold. You create experiences, you create ideas, culture, relationships. Like any creative pursuit, business is fed by creativity, imagination, and action.

Like any other creative pursuit, there is a tension between creating “original” or “novel” work and creating work that is moving, important.

Somehow, we’ve created this idea that in order for a work to be important it needs to be original. In order for your business to be important, it needs to be a new idea. Cutting edge. Innovative.

But, I want to offer a new perspective on the criterion that unless your business idea has not be done before then you cannot pursue it.

Instead of asking yourself “Has this been done before?” a better question to ask is: “Do I bring the fullness of who I am to what I have been doing?”

Because if the answer is yes, then I think you and I both know that that is where the magic is. That’s where impact comes from.

Impact comes from authentically bringing all of you to what you are doing. Sometimes that’s through a business that has been done before. Sometimes its not. But unless you can bring your fullness to the business idea that you have, then you won’t be able to impactful.

Your job in life is not to be original. It’s not to be award winning. It’s not to be innovative. It just isn’t your job. Your job at its most basic is to be present. To be present fully always everywhere.

When you’re present, it has consequences. When you’re not present, it has consequences. But right now, let’s just talk about the consequences of being present.

When you’re present, you get to show up and bring your fullness to everything that you’re doing. When you bring your fullness to everything that you’re doing, you create fully. You create with intention, with devotion, with love.

When you create with intention, with devotion, with love, you are more likely to create things that are impactful. That are valuable. Because you’re creating from a place of authenticity.

And when you create from a place of authenticity, then you create things that are impactful.

You see, the world doesn’t need original ideas. The people that you would serve in your business do not need original ideas.
They do not need an original business idea. What they need, is authenticity. What they need are products and services that will change their lives not because it’s radically new. But because it was made by someone who brought their fullest selves to creating it. They need experiences that were designed by someone who brought their fullest selves to creating it.

What moves people, what transforms people isn’t originality. It’s authenticity. And when you’re authentic, you’re impactful.

Point blank period.

So, I want you to go and dust off your business idea that you wrote off because so and so did it already.

And I want to you to ask yourself, “Do I want to bring my fullness, all of me, to this idea?”

If the answer from within you is yes, then baby, you and I both know what the next step is.

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