Episode 32: Why It's Up to You to Find Your Customers

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Why It's Up to You to Find Your Customers

Episode 32

Once I help my clients clarify their business idea, the next question that comes is: How do people find my business?

Short answer: They don’t.

Long Answer: You find your customers, you develop relationships, and demonstrate to them that you will solve their problems.

Don’t believe that you have to find your customers? Well, today I demonstrate how aggressive and consistent major movie studios are when it comes to promoting their blockbuster movies.

In this episode you’ll learn:

  • Why it is so critical that you go find your customers, not vice versa

  • How movie studios, with millions of dollars, brand recognition, and much more resources are so aggressive in getting people to see movies

  • What you can learn from movie studios to find your customers


Once you’ve listened, I want to know:

What’s one place you can go to find your ideal customer?

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