Episode 30: Who Will You Transform With Your Business?

Who Will You Transform With Your Business?

Episode 30

I have a secret to admit. I have a serious desire to change the world.

Yes, I mean it. I dreamed about being President of my own small country as a child. I went to grad school to study inequality because I truly wanted to make this country more equal.

And now I started a business because I want more women to own their power, their ambitions, and create the things they want to see in the world.

I share all of this because I have a sneaky suspicion that you kind of want to transform the world too. Even if it’s just your little spot on the globe.

In fact, I believe the only way a business is worth its salt is if its in the business of transformation.

Don’t believe me? Well listen to today’s episode.

Listen to today's episode to learn:

  • How I always had dreams of transforming the world

  • Why transformation is the central aspect of an impactful business

  • One simple question to answer if you want to create a transformative business


Once you’ve listened, I want to know:

How Will You Transform the World?

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