Episode 28: Do You Have a Creative Project or a Business?

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Do You Have a Creative Project or a Business?

Episode 28

Friend, you’re going to notice a theme here real quick: I made MANY mistakes in my first year of business.

The sad news is those mistakes did not help my wallet.

The good news is that those mistakes are helping you learn and grow. Win win baby!

Today, I’m talking about my mistake of having a creative project that I thought was a business. This episode is perfect for my folks who either are about to start their business but are having trouble articulating who it actually serves. Or my folks who have started their businesses but are having difficulty gaining traction.

In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • Why the distinction between a creative project is so critical

  • What the consequences were for me when I failed to make the distinction

  • The characteristics of a creative project vs. a business and how you can tell the difference


Once you’ve listened, I want to know:

Who is the object of transformation in your business?

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