Episode 27: Failing, Learning, & Growing after One Year of Business

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Failing, Learning, & Growing after ONE Year of Business

Episode 27

Cleopatra, coming atcha!

The Chantiluke Podcast is back baby, and I’m thrilled (ecstatic, leaping for joy) to be sharing this new season with you!

And as luck would have it, Season 2 is airing on Chantiluke’s 1st birthday!!! (*cue party music*)

To celebrate one year of Chantiluke, I’m sharing an honest look at one year of entrepreneurship, why I’ve decided to take Chantiluke in a new direction after one year, and what you can learn from the messiness.

In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • What my failings and learnings were during my first year of business (so you can avoid my mistakes)

  • The new direction I’ve decided to take Chantiluke and the podcast

  • Get a sneak peek on what Season 2 of the podcast will look like


Once you’ve listened, I want to know:

What’s one way your messy business idea changed within your first year of business (or before you even started)?

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