Private Coaching


isn’t it time you created the business you keep dreaming about?

You have a wealth of ideas swarming around your head. You’ve read books, listened to podcasts, read articles that sparked an idea that keeps tickling you in the back of your head.

And you’ve thought about starting your business for a long time now.

But you haven’t articulated what sort of business you’re actually launching.

Yes, you’re excited by the prospect of creating a successful business that reflects your innate gifts, your passions, and your impact.

But you haven’t actually started.

So, the days go by, and that big beautiful idea stays as an idea in your head never to grow into the successful, authentic, impactful business.

It’s time to stop playing it small and Book a Strategy Session.


Business Idea Strategy Session

Personalized, one-on-one coaching for 90 minutes | $200

By the end of the Strategy Session you will

  • Walk away with a clear, solid business idea that serves as the foundation for your authentic, impactful business

  • 4 actionable next steps to launch and grow your business

  • Leave prepared to finally (finally) launch that big, beautiful business idea


Here’s the deal here: I’ve created a fantastic exercise to help you take that messy, amorphous idea out of your head and whip it into a solid business idea.

It costs a fraction of the cost of a strategy session with me.

Do it on your own first. Make the time, put in the effort, and work through the exercise on your own.

But, if you seriously put in a solid effort and you are no closer to a solid business plan, then you need to stop and book a session with me.

(This is the scene in the sitcom where the TV dad tries to fix the leaky sink on his own and completely destroys the kitchen. Yeah, don’t be like that TV dad.)

You are going to want to play it cheap, you’re going to baulk at how much a 90 minute strategy session is with me.

You’re going to come up with 1,000 “really good” ideas why you should not invest that much money into your greatest asset, yourself.

And then you’re going to pay.

And you’re going to show up and have your entire mind blown (in the best way of course).

You’re going to end our session astounded by how clear things are now and the remarkable fact that you know exactly how to move forward to create the business you dream about.

Dream like an artist. Plan like an engineer
— unknown, but it's great

Business Idea Strategy Session

Personalized, one-on-one coaching for 90 minutes | $200

This is how we will work together

Step 1: You and I will see if we’re the right fit for your needs, goals, and working style with the FREE 30 Minute Consultation

Step 2: I help you whip your ideas into a solid, business that reflects your gifts, your passions, and the impact you’re meant to have

Step 3: You take the plan you’ve created (with some guidance from me) and you’re going to take action. Dream, take action, repeat. That’s how you launch and grow the business your dream business.


tracie went from thinking to doing

Engaging in a strategy session with Danielle, made me realize the importance of a coaching business, like Chantiluke, that it dedicated to mindset transformation. In our session, I was able to articulate what type of business I would want to start, visualize what a second career in marketing could look like for me, and come up with action steps to see how I can use the social capital I already have to make this dream a reality. I thought you could only have one calling in life and in that session I stood corrected. I left that session encouraged to explore all the things that make my life full, which Danielle defines as “when your cup pours over enough to not only fulfill you but contribute to others.”

- Tracie Johnson

Business Idea Strategy Session

Personalized, one-on-one coaching for 90 minutes | $200

You have two choices

Spend more time living the authentic, impactful life you want.

Spend more time in your own head thinking, thinking, thinking about the authentic, impactful business and life you want.