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Your 3 Week, Private Coaching Experience Designed To Help You Reorient Your Career Towards Purpose And Fulfillment


Can You Imagine?

  • Getting step-by-step guidance on how you change your life and your career for the better?

  • No longer feeling overwhelmed by not knowing exactly what you want?

  • Waking up every day knowing you're on a path that is meant for you?


This Program is For You If…

  • You’ve spent weeks, months, or dare I say, years, feeling “stuck” or “lost” in your career

  • You want to fulfill for your passions and have a career that reflects who you truly are (not who you’re told you should be)

  • You’ve been trying desperately to map out your next steps for your career...but the plans keep falling short

  • You’re ready to answer the call from within to live a life and career that is rooted in fulfillment


Friend, Take It From Me…

For years, I had a “great” job at a “great” company doing “great” work.  Except, I didn’t feel “great” about my life. 

I knew on paper I was successful. But in my heart, I was not fulfilled.

All the advice I got from professionals, friends, family was to find a new job. But what they didn’t know was the job was the easiest problem to fix. 

No, the real problem wasn’t the work I was doing. 

The real problem was the way I was living. 


After 3 long years of reading, learning, and making mistakes, I discovered the three-step process to creating a fulfilling career:

  1. Honor Your Values

  2. Honor Your Gifts

  3. Take Trusting Action

Now, I’m sharing this exact process with you so you can create a career that’s not just great on paper...but reflects who you truly are.


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What’s My Investment?

Your Career Compass is your tailored, step-by-step coaching experience designed to help you reignite your career with purpose, passion, and fulfillment. Think of it as your inside-out approach to changing your life and career for the better. I walk you through each step of honoring your values, honoring your gifts, and taking consistent action to make the change you want to make.


Either Paid in Full or 3 Payments of $250


Hey Friend, I’m Danielle

Career crisis? Oh girl, I have been there. More times than I would like to remember.

After learning the hard way how to fix my career (and life) for the better, I started helping other women just like you:

Smart, ambitious, but also deeply attuned to what is truly meaningful to them and missing in their lives.

Now, I coach, teach, and reach hundreds of women as they navigate their journey to fulfillment.


Past Clients Have Said…




Q: How long does the program last?

The program consists of three 90 minute, private coaching sessions that happen over the course of a month.

Q: How will we speak to one another?

If you’re in Houston, TX, we will meet in person. If you’re elsewhere, we will connect over Zoom or Google Hangouts.

Q: I’ve Never worked with a coach before. What will it be like?

Coaching is equal parts affirmation, hard questions, and insights. All designed so that you can see yourself in a new way and take action.

Q: How do we get started?

I’m so glad you’re committed to creating a fulfilling career. Click here to reserve your 20 minute consultation.


Ready for Fulfillment in Your Career?