Are you coming?

This is the place.

The place where you can drop the defenses and remove the heavy armor.

The place to ask yourself hard questions,

And to give honest answers.

The place for you to admit that your life is off-center…

And to remember you have the strength to fix it.

This is the place where you journey back home…to you.

Are you coming?



Hey, I’m Danielle

I created Chantiluke for folks just like you: smart, ambitious women who feel like they’ve become strangers in their own lives.

Before I started Chantiluke, I became an expert at pretending like the life I was living was the one I wanted.

Until that pretending became too much.

What began as my quest to find a “perfect” career, turned into a spiritual homecoming. A return to my true self.

And from that place, I learned what it took to create a life that had the meaning and fulfillment I always wanted.

This is what I want for you.

Rediscover who you truly are so you can create a fulfilling life that’s truly your own.