Hi Friend, I'm Danielle

A recovering perfectionist and undercover creative who learned the best ways to feel unfulfilled and miserable in my career BUT have lots of achievements.

I spent my early 20s doing work that made me feel smart, but uncreative; successful but unfulfilled.

After struggling to find work that I truly loved, I decided to make the most radical, creative act of my life: I started my own business.

I decided to create the work I loved, rather than search for it outside myself.

I quickly realized the same habits of having success devoid of fulfillment came along for the entrepreneurial journey too.

So I decided there has to be a better way to create a thriving business (and life).

I’m glad to say there is.

Now I get so share a deeper, more fulfilling approach to creating the joy-filled, creative business we all desire.

Through the Chantiluke Podcast, coaching, and resources I share a deeper, more fulfilling approach to creating a thriving business and life.



We believe starting your own business is an incredible way creative, multi-passionate women can design a career that is full of joy and meaning.

We have an unshakeable belief that the best way to creating a thriving business is to apply the principles of profitable businesses while prioritizing the sources of true meaning and fulfillment in your life.


Chantiluke’s like if Oprah were to start her own MBA program.

chantiluke soulful business coaching for creative entrepreneurs

build a business founded on meaning + purpose